Stone Builder

Patio Projects 

Here you can find some of our most recent projects completed for clients. We update this page regularly in order for our potential clients to get some inspiring ideas and visions of how they would like their new Patio to look.

It also shows how we work as a business and what various projects look like whilst they are underway.

A customer from Naphill based near High Wycombe got in touch with us as they needed a new Patio. The base for the old Patio had not been done properly and slabs were cracked, wobbly and rather unsafe to walk on. 

Putnam Paving took the nessasary steps to ensure this wouldn't happen again when laying the new base and delivered another stunning Patio with Paving steps up to the garden. 

Our client in Princess Risborough, Buckinghamshire wanted to spruce up the look of her Garden and make the steps leading into the house safe again.

She wanted Putnam Paving to remove the old Patio, steps and Pathway, fix the base that it was resting on and lay some new slabs.


We got the diggers in and made a solid base for her new Patio to rest on. Ordered the slabs and managed to transform the garden into a sociable safe place to be. No more unstable steps as she walked out of the house and no more moving slabs on the patio.

Our client was very overwhelmed with how her design turned out and so she should of been. Another lovely project finished by Putnam paving.